Resource sheet from 11/15/14 Summit

Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline by the Numbers

  • The 417-mile project across 5 states includes 312 miles of new “greenfield” pipeline routes.
  • The 36-inch diameter pipe’s capacity can transport up to 2 billion cubic feet of gas daily
  • At 1460 psi, this would be one of highest pressure gas lines in USA. An accident or rupture of the pipeline could cause a blast zone of up to 900 feet
  • The 120,000 HP compressor stations proposed to be sited in Deerfield and Townsend would be among the largest in USA, generating noise and vibrations while operating 24/7.
  • The proposal would increase the natural gas consumption in New England by more than 50% at a time when state policy calls for a drastic reduction in our reliance on fossil fuels. Natural gas already makes up over 67% of the energy type mix.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:

Kinder Morgan’s Project Website:

Local and Statewide Groups formed in response to the Northeast Energy Direct proposal:

New Hampshire Pipeline Awareness
North Middlesex Council of Governments Pipeline Committee
No Fracked Gas in Mass
SPCC Groton website and blog
StopNED website and blog

Established Advocacy Groups focusing on this pipeline and clean energy issues

Conservation Law Foundation
Nashoba Conservation Trust
North Quabbin Energy
Toxics Action Center

Other Pertinent Background 

Low Demand Scenario Study for Massachusettts
Background Investigation of Pipeline Politics
Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act – progress report
Into Thin Air, Conservation Law Foundation Report on Gas Leaks
MA Clean Energy Center, 2014 Clean Energy Industry Report, including job growth
McKinsey Report: Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy
Pipeline bibliography curated by Dennis Eklof of Groton

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