About StopNED

StopNED – Stop Northeast Energy Direct

StopNED is a coalition of community leaders campaigning to stop the Kinder Morgan Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct fracked gas pipeline project.

Our mission:

A gas pipeline is being forced upon us that will take our property by eminent domain, tax us to pay for its construction, destroy our protected & treasured open spaces, increase the risk to our personal safety, and jeopardize our State’s ability to meet its carbon emission commitments. We envision stopping the unnecessary pipeline, and meeting our needs by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, increasing efficiency, expanding renewable technologies, and mandating repairs of existing infrastructure.

StopNED questions? Email us here.

Links to more information:

No Fracked Gas In Mass – website and facebook

MassPLAN – website

NH Pipeline Awareness – website and facebook

Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline – website and facebook

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