Time to file your Motion to Intervene!

January 15, 2016 at 5pmET is the new deadline to file a Motion to Intervene in the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline proposal process.


We have created a handout and slide presentation for everyone to use for workshops in their community, or for everyone to use at home, so that everyone we all have the opportunity to file.

All the details are here.

If we can help with a workshop in your community, let us know at info@StopNED.org


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2 responses to “Time to file your Motion to Intervene!

  1. Jeffrey Yull


    With the application being posted in the Federal Register on 12/11, Twenty one calendar days would make 12/31, or 1/18 for work days, the final day for filing to be an intervenor. Can you clarify this. Thanks…Jeff


    • Cathy Kristofferson

      Hi Jeff,
      The posting and filing dates don’t actually matter now because in FERC’s acceptance of Kinder Morgan’s application filing they set deadline to intervene as January 6, 2016.


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