11/15 Statewide Summit update!

More than 150 people have already committed to attending the conference including State Senators Eileen Donoghue and Jamie Eldridge and State Representatives Jennifer Benson, Linda Dean Campbell, Stephen DiNatale, Sheila Harrington, Stephen Kulik, and Chris Walsh.

Full Display of Maps of KM Pipeline Route: With the extraordinary work of several individuals, we now have maps of the full route across all 44 towns. These will be posted at the Summit, so residents, legislators, and organizations can see first hand the latest information.

New Short Documentary Video: “You don’t hear much about this….a story about what it means to have a natural gas compressor station as your neighbor”, Stephen Wicks, a well known photographer, filmmaker, and educator will show his latest work on compressor stations at the Summit.

What’s Next ?: This post conference conversation, from 1:30-2:30, will provide interested attendees an opportunity to coalesce around specific interests and network with others.

Green Energy and Environmental Displays: Several green energy and efficiency companies and environmental groups are sponsoring display tables to share their information.

Refreshments: Monty Tech Spanish teacher and 9 of her students will be providing coffee and refreshments for the conference. The proceeds will help to fund their special homestay/service trip to Peru in summer of 2015 –the first in the school’s history!

Get your FREE tickets here: http://statewidesummit.eventbrite.com

Summit Flyer



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5 responses to “11/15 Statewide Summit update!

  1. Have Senators Markey, Warren and other representatives for the towns impacted been invited ? This is Deirdre Olson from NORTHFIELD AGAINST THE PIPELINE RESISTANCE. I have been asked this question and would like to post a response . Thanks so much Deirdre Derchin Olson


    • Cathy Kristofferson

      Yes, they have all been invited. Elected officials attending the conference so far include Senators Eileen Donoghue and Jamie Eldridge and Representatives Jennifer Benson, Linda Dean Campbell, Stephen DiNatale, Sheila Harrington, Stephen Kulik, and Chris Walsh. Others will likely sign up after the election.


    • Deborah Louise Nicholson

      Would anyone be interested in having a tasteful T-shirt available to help raise awareness and some funding at this event? Another tool, and it’s a great design. I can be reached at 413.628.4513, and arrange for someone to attend the summit in the morning, or drop them off.


      • Cathy Kristofferson

        Hi Deborah, We have a T-shirt table amongst the mix already so I think we are good to go for that. Thanks for reaching out.


      • Deborah Louise Nicholson

        Cathy, thank you for touching base. The shirts will be available on-line as of today as well, with more to designs on the way. Part of our price per shirt (20%) is set aside to donate to “Roxie’s Legacy”…a fund being set up to help Veterans, seniors, and other folks with disabilities cover the cost of medical care for their service and companion animals. Both causes touched us deeply, so we’re on a mission. Godspeed on Saturday.


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